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Reimagining clean air.

We went to great lengths to create a refined and beautiful product that will be a welcome addition to any décor. TruSens represents an exciting leap forward in-home air purification that allows you to truly take control of the air you breathe.

Making lives better

We are a group of passionate product designers and engineers who are on a mission to make lives better. We believe indoor air quality plays an important role in supporting a healthy lifestyle.
TruSens Air Purifiers were Designed with Form and Function

Our journey

Our journey started with strong beliefs on what would constitute a better air purifier. We knew advanced technology with unique capabilities was crucial, but we also wanted to build a less bulky product that had a small footprint. So that's what we created. We combined exceptional functionality with a contemporary, minimalist design for an air purifier that effectively cleans your room and blends seamlessly into your environment

Some important elements that drove our design...

Beauty and simplicity

Simple is smart. Simple is clear. Simple makes sense. We set out to deliver an air purifier that enhances your living space, both by function and design. Whether in your home or at work, the TruSens purifier uniquely positions itself to make your interior space fresh and welcoming by neutralizing odors, cleaning the air, and looking like it belongs.

TruSens Air Purifiers Improve Bedroom Air Quality With Design that Blends with Your Interior
TruSens Air Purifiers Inform You of your Air Quality and Adapts to Provide Cleaner Air

Proactive lifestyle

From fitness monitors to the choices we make about the food we buy, being proactive is a way of life. Being informed puts you in control. With TruSens, you can keep track of the usual and be alerted of the unusual. Going beyond the delivery of cleaner air, TruSens informs you of your air quality and provides concrete data. More than just a product, TruSens offers peace of mind.

How TruSens may help you...

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Save 15% sitewide.

Save 15% sitewide.

Use code HOLIDAY15. Wishing you peace and purification.

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