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While our Amazon Store is experiencing delays, we are still in stock and can serve our customers. Free Shipping | Shop now

While our Amazon Store is experiencing delays, we are still in stock and can serve our customers. Free Shipping | Shop now

Keeping Mold Inside Your Home To A Minimum

  • Written by: TruSens

Humid window with mold

Musty, mildew-y, stinky, smudgy—we all know mold when we see it or smell it. And it can be insidious: The CDC warns that “molds can lead to symptoms such as stuffy nose, wheezing, and red or itchy eyes, or skin…those with allergies to molds or with asthma, may have more intense reactions....Severe reactions may include fever and shortness of breath.” Folks with asthma or a mold allergy don’t need to smell it to know it’s there, the symptoms will be immediate and can be debilitating.

Humid environments, like bathrooms; houses in particularly humid climates; buildings that have been subjected to flooding or anywhere moisture accumulates without adequate ventilation could have mold (which is, kinda, anywhere). There are inventive and invasive ways to get a hold of household mold once it’s set in (you might need some professional support if it’s really bad), but there are a variety of easy, accessible actions that can help deter the mighty, musty mold spores:

Keep things dry...

Fix leaky plumbing; direct water flow and gutters away from the building; and make sure the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room all have exhaust fans to prevent moisture build-up.

…even the air.

The EPA recommends keeping indoor humidity at 30-50%. If you’re running above that, you might want to take more aggressive action, like a dehumidifier or more ventilation options.

Ditch the carpet.

Rugs will absorb moisture becoming perfect breeding grounds for mold. Wood floors are nice, right?

Keep the air clean.

An air purifier, like TruSens , will pull mold spores out of the air before they have a chance to land and multiply. Filtration isn’t enough though—mold, being the insidious bugger that it is—can multiply inside the filter. That’s why TruSens’ UV light, inside the 360 filter, is so important. It sterilizes the mold particles so they can’t spread.

Bring in the airflow!

Ventilation is your friend—whether it’s exhaust fans, wide open windows, air conditioners or box fans. This helps keep things dry, prevents moisture condensation and dissipates odors such as mildew odors.

The upshot? Mold is gross. But it is both predictable and well understood and can be managed with the right combination of moisture control, air flow and tenacity.