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Pairing your TruSens Smart Air Purifier and Smart App

Having trouble? Please contact our Customer Support team at 1-833-878-7367 or

Getting Started:


Download the TruSens Smart App that's right for you:



- Make sure your TruSens Smart Air Purifier is powered on.

- Have your WiFi network and password accessible.

- Be near your air purifier (we recommend within 3 feet).

- Follow the steps below carefully.

Step 1: 

Open your TruSens Smart App and allow it to access your phone’s Bluetooth.

Step 2: 

Choose your preferred country and language.

Step 3:

Click “Accept” after reading the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Step 4: 

Click the “Begin Setup” (be sure you are within 3 feet of your air purifier now).

Step 5: 

Choose a four digit PIN for this air purifier.

Step 6: 

Connect to your WiFi network and enter in the appropriate password.

Step 7: 

Create a name for your TruSens Smart Air Purifier.

We recommend short and simple names, like your first name or the name of the room where the air purifier will live (ex. dining room, kitchen, office, basement, etc.).  We also recommend to not include the word ‘Purifier’ within the name. The Alexa App allows the renaming of an air purifier, but we do not recommend it.

Setup Complete: 

Start enjoying your TruSens Smart Air Purifier!

If you have additional questions about the TruSens Smart Air Purifier or Smart App, please refer to our FAQ section here


You can also contact our Customer Support team at or 1-833-878-7367.  See manuals for additional troubleshooting help here 

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Save 20% sitewide.

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