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You may not be able to avoid allergens outside your home, but TruSens air purifiers can help you to control them inside.


Allergens are invisible, making it difficult to detect what may be triggering your allergy symptoms. Dust, pet dander, mold and other allergens can accumulate over time. You can breathe easier knowing that TruSens air purifiers capture what you can’t see.
Pet Solution Mold Solution

Senses Allergens

Cleaner air should be everywhere, not just near the purifier. Z2000 & Z3000 TruSens models measure pollutants away from the purifier with the remote SensorPod.

Detailed Air Quality Display

Air quality is clearly displayed on the Z2000 and Z3000 models. This ensures the purifier responds automatically to the air quality in a room.

360° Allergen Removal

Pollutants are captured with a multi-level DuPont™ filtration paired with UV sterilization so you can breathe cleaner air.

Clean Air Everywhere

Purified air is delivered comfortably and efficiently throughout the room with PureDirect™ proprietary technology that splits filtered air into two streams.

The honest, informative, allergy-reducing, whole-room, three-hundred-and-sixty-degree clean air purifier.

"I have noticed a decrease in my allergies acting up and it has definitely helped me with pet smells"
5 star review   SAMM | CALIFORNIA
"My son and husband both suffer from allergies and asthma. This has cut down on their issues since we installed and started using it."
5 star review    KERRI P. | PENNSYLVANIA

A solution for every room

TruSens has an allergy reducing solution for you, regardless of room size.