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Clear your air of mold and mildew.

Mold and mildew spores travel through the air — potentially triggering allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues. TruSens Air Purifiers can help.
Two TruSens Air Purifiers with icons of mold air pollutants surrounding.



The fungus among us

Humid or moist environments are especially hospitable to mold: Get ahead of it with an air purifier that knows what you’re breathing. Our SensorPod communicates moment-to-moment air quality changes to the purifier, which adjusts accordingly, pulling air through a 360° filter with a UV-C light that reduces growth of germs and bacteria trapped in the filter.

Detects mold before you do

Place SensorPod anywhere in the same room as your TruSens Z-2000 or Z-3000. It lets the purifier know about changes in air quality and reacts in real time.

Know your air

We believe in transparency: Our Z-2000 or Z-3000 purifiers feature an LED display that tells you the exact AQI of your room at any given time, so you know TruSens is working.

Proactive Protection

Once mold takes hold, it can be hard to remove. A TruSens Air Purifier can stop the spread of spores before it starts, keeping your air clearer and cleaner.
Airflow demonstration showing the inside of the TruSens Air Purifier and the two directions cleaner air is

Icon of airflow demonstration, with two arrows pointing in two different directions.

Fight mold with dual airflow

To reduce mold, the EPA recommends increasing ventilation and air flow. Our PureDirect dual airflow system sends clean air both upward and outward, circulating fresh air through the whole room.


UV-C light action

Filtering mold isn’t enough: TruSens’ UV-C emits light that reduces growth of germs and bacteria that can get trapped in the filter.

UV-C light with air pollutant icons surrounding it.
TruSens layers of purification from inner to outer layer:  "UV-C light", "HEPA filter", "Activated carbon filter", and "Pre-Filter".

DuPont logo.

A filter you can trust

With four layers of purification, our 360° DuPont™ filter collects airborne mold spores from every direction—keeping air flowing into the purifier no matter where it’s placed.

TruSens combines unparalleled technical innovation, sound scientific analysis and modern design to reduce mold and allergens so you can breathe a little easier.

"We had a mold and mildew problem in our basement. We cleaned it up and bought this air purifier. All the mildew smell is gone and the air is fresh. This is a great product. I would recommend it to anyone. We are thinking about buying another one for upstairs. "
5 star review   DON
"Had other air purifiers but I have to say this is the best one I have ever owned."
5 star review   CHARLES