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Keep the pet. Ditch the dander. Clear the air.

Keep your pets close while keeping their odors and allergens away.

Air quality is constantly changing and most purifiers are unaware of it or don't react.
TruSens does, and responds.

Air purifiers should know what you are breathing--TruSens does. SensorPod communicates moment-to-moment air quality changes to the purifier, which adjusts accordingly, efficiently pulling air through a four-level 360° filter. The purifier's detailed display tells you what's happening in your air, while the DuPont™ function ensures clean air is flowing through your entire room. A solution to help both pet allergens and odors.


Two TruSens AIr Purifiers next to an enlarged SensorPod with pet air pollutant icons surrounding.

TruSens targets both pet odors & pet allergens.

Whether your pet is making you sneezy or brings in an unpleasant odor, TruSens can help. By incorporating a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter into its design, the TruSens air purifiers remove both odors and allergens from the air you're breathing.

Close-up of the standard carbon filter with air pollutant icons surrounding.


The DuPont™ carbon filter has enhanced performance by activating the carbon and developing a mesh of carbon atoms which maximizes contaminant and odor absorption.

Demonstation of TruSens Standard HEPA Filter with 360 degree filtration capturing pet air pollutant icons.


Trusted HEPA technology, traps microscopic pollutants, including allergens such as pet dander. 360-degree filtration ensures TruSens works optimally to help remove the allergens from your air.

Meet SensorPod

Better air quality for you and your pets: Place SensorPod anywhere in the same room as your TruSens Z-2000 or Z-3000. It lets the purifier know about changes in air quality, reacting in real time.

Know your air

We believe in transparency: Our Z-2000 or Z-3000 purifiers feature an LED display that tells you the exact air quality of your room at any given time, so you know TruSens is working.

Airflow demonstration showing the inside of the TruSens Air Purifier and the two directions cleaner air is distributed.

Icon of airflow demonstration, with two arrows pointing in two different directions.

Better air flow

PureDirect dual airflow splits the air into two streams, delivering cleaner air comfortably and efficiently through your entire room. Tested to optimize airflow, TruSens helps you to remove allergens and odors from your air.

Say goodbye to the wheezing, sneezing, watery eyes with the honest, informative, allergy reducing, whole-room air purifier from TruSens

"I'm currently using the large one in our master bedroom. I have 2 dogs and a cat that sleep in bed with me. This machine has truly done wonders. I have asthma and it's helped me reduce my attacks or use of my inhaler. I'm extremely impressed!"
5 star review    KTN145 | TEXAS
"I have noticed a decrease in my allergies acting up and it has definitely helped me with pet smells"
5 star review   SAMM | CALIFORNIA