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Buy 3 air purifiers and receive 15% off + Free Shipping!  SHOP NOW

Buy 3 air purifiers and receive 15% off + Free Shipping! SHOP NOW

Air Purification Reimagined

We wanted to create a beautiful and refined product that will look stylish in any room. TruSens is that product. It's an exciting leap forward in air purification. It lets you be proactive and take control of the air you breathe. And looks good doing it.

Making Lives Better

Passionate and dedicated, that's who we are. Our team of product managers and engineers are on a mission to make lives better. Part of that mission is to breathe cleaner air. We believe indoor air quality is an extension of a healthy lifestyle.
TruSens Air Purifiers were Designed with Form and Function

Our Journey

Strong beliefs on what would make a better air purifier fueled our goals. We knew advanced technology and unique capabilities were crucial. But, we also wanted to make a less bulky product with a smaller footprint. So that's what we did. We combined exceptional functionality wtih a sleek, contemporary design. TruSens purifiers clean your room and also blend well into your environment.

Important elements that drove our design...

Beautiful and Simple

Simple is smart. Simple is clear. Simple makes sense. We set out to deliver an air purifier that enhances your living space with function and design. At work or at home, TruSens positions itself to make your interior space fresh and welcoming. It neutralizes odors, cleans the air, and looks like it belongs.

TruSens Air Purifiers Improve Bedroom Air Quality With Design that Blends with Your Interior
TruSens Air Purifiers Inform You of your Air Quality and Adapts to Provide Cleaner Air

Proactive Lifestyle

Being informed puts you in control. From researching what fitness monitor to buy, to the food choices you make, being proactive can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Go beyond cleaner air with the *Wi-Fi® enabled TruSens Smart Air Purifier. Use the TruSens Smart App for remote functionality so you’ll always know the quality of your air. You can also track outdoor air quality to help you avoid those days when the air may be compromised. Alexa device compatible.
*Available with the Z-2500 and Z-3500 Smart Air Purifiers

How TruSens may help you...

  • Target Pollen Allergies

    Feb 27, 2019

    Nature is beautiful. And full of pollen. When this fine powder hitches a ride into your home, it can bring a lot of discomfort to those who are allergic.

  • Combat Pet Dander, Hair and Odors

    Pet dander may trigger allergy symptoms when released into the air, effecting indoor air quality. We all love Fido and Morris, but if you have allergies, you...

  • Reduce the Impact of Odors and Other Gas Pollutants

    Sep 6, 2018

    Cooking smells, homes with pets, musty basements, and homes with tobacco smoke or wood burning fireplaces introduce odors and particles in the air that can b...

  • Capture Dust Mites

    The exposure to dust mites in your home can lead to a variety of health concerns. The TruSens air purifier includes DuPont™ HEPA filtration, capturing airbor...

  • Fight Harmful Chemical Pollutants

    Chemical pollutants and VOCs are a byproduct of manufacturing and human activities, even inside our homes. Cleaning solutions, furniture and building product...

  • Cleaner Indoor Air

    Indoor pollutants range from dust mites, pet dander and bacteria to gas pollutants emitted from chemicals, new furniture, paint or carpet. Learn more about ...

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Improve indoor air quality.

Improve indoor air quality.

Buy 3 air purifiers and receive 15% off + Free Shipping!

Shop Now