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The importance of UV-C Light

Invisible airborne organisms get trapped in air filters, which could multiply if left untreated. TruSens UV-C emits light at an effective wavelength to help reduce growth of particulates.

Proven HEPA technology combined with the power of UV-C light.

Levels of Purification

The filter is at the core of purifying your air. The TruSens combination filter has been engineered to capture microscopic particles, volatile organic components (VOC’s), and odorous gases.

Washable Pre-Filter* – captures large particles such as dust and pet hair.

Activated carbon – removes certain gases and odors from the air

HEPA filter – captures particulate matter down to 0.3 microns, smaller than a strand of hair.

UV-C Light - emits light that reduces growth of germs and bacteria that can get trapped in the filter.

*For the Medium and Large air purifier models only.

TruSens layers of purification:  UV-C light, HEPA filter, Activated carbon filter, and Pre-Filter.
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TruSens Z-1000 Small Room Air Purifier

Small Room Air Purifier

Don’t let the size fool you. This air purifier has a powerful fan that moves the air around a room with two airflow streams, and a filter that captures pollutants from every direction. Call it personal protection for small spaces.

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TruSens Z-2000 Medium Room Air Purifier with SensorPod

Medium Room Air Purifier

There’s nothing middle of the road about this mid-size model. It cleans the air in a room up to 375 sq. ft. by adjusting its fan speed based on SensorPod readings, and indicating the air quality on the LED display. 

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TruSens Z-3000 Large Room Air Purifier with SensorPod

Large Room Air Purifier

In charge of the larger rooms in your home, this air purifier is designed for areas up to 750 sq.ft. It delivers cleaner air with remote sensing technology, DuPont™ filtration, five fan speeds, and two airflow streams.

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