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Engineered to distribute cleaner air to your whole room

 PureDirect dual airflow uses two streams of air without directing the airflow at people in the room. The result of rigorous testing has proven that bi-directional airflow delivers purified air more effectively throughout a room than single stream purifiers that send air straight up, and in some cases, has been proven to be up to 24% more efficient.

Total room coverage 

Most purifiers can leave rooms with dead zones. Purifiers that push air out in one direction create areas where little to no air circulates. PureDirect has two separate airflow streams to minimize dead zones.TruSens Dual Airflow gives better overall coverage

Lab Tested

As confirmed by independent lab testing, dual airflow distributes air further throughout a room. Splitting the air into dual streams moves the air in an even pattern. Fluid dynamic simulations and gas tracer testing determined optimal delivery angles and split of air volume.

Engineered to perform

The TruSens air purifier was a collaborative effort. We developed it with our engineering partners in Europe along with U.S. and European universities. The result is a design that combines unique elements to deliver an even stream of air throughout a room.

We verified results along the way to ensure that we deliver on our vision of a better air purifier. 

detailed view of air purifier construction

TruSens air purifiers with PureDirect dual airflow

PureDirect splits clean air into two streams for an efficient and comfortable airflow.