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Air Purifiers

Air purifiers reimagined with remote sensing technology, dual flow air streams and DuPont™ filtration. Also available Smart Air Purifiers with Wi-Fi® enabled (only with the Z-2500 and Z-3500 air purifiers).

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Air changed 2 times per hour
Purification Levels
Auto Mode
Detailed Color
Price Range
SKU: Z1000AP

TruSens Air Purifier, Small, Z-1000, White

Price  $79.00
SKU: Z3000AP

TruSens Air Purifier, Large, with Air Quality Monitor, Z-3000

Price  $229.00
SKU: Z6000AP

TruSens® Performance Series Air Purifier, Z-6000

Sale price  $1,189.00
Original price  $1,699.00

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SKU: Z7000AP

TruSens® Performance Series Air Purifier, Z-7000

Sale price  $1,399.00
Original price  $1,999.00