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Trust TruSens for your Business

Give your employees, customers, and students peace of mind with cleaner air.

Our proprietary SensorPod technology measures air quality, DuPont filtration captures indoor airborne pollutants, and UV-C light kills germs and bacteria trapped in the filter.

Woman sitting at her desk with small air purifier on the floor

Indoor Air May Be Dirtier Than You Think

Is your workplace addressing cleaner air?
Whether your workplace is back in the office, still working from home or operating a flexible model—providing a safe and hygienic space for your employees has never been more important. There are many pollutants that... 

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Home office setting with small air purifier on a table

How HEPA Helps: A Guide to Quality Air Purifiers from TruSens

With air purifiers becoming a must-have for schools, workplaces, and the home, relevant government and health bodies, such as Safe Work Australia and the World Health Organisation are recommending air purifiers... 

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Person wiping off desk with cloth

Keeping Your Office Sanitary: A Guide

We’ve all felt the impacts of a team member being taken out of work by a seasonal cold, flu and more recently COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2). Having a full and healthy team is essential to keep the wheels turning in every business. Across Australia, businesses are adjusting to... 

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Experience the TruSens Difference

Icon for Remote Sensor

Remote Sensor

Detects pollutants away from the purifier to ensure full room benefits. (Not available on Z-1000 model)

AQI Icon

Real-Time Feedback

Air quality readings are displayed on the disc communicating good, moderate, or poor air quality. (Not available on Z-1000 model)

360 degree Purification Icon

360⁰ Purification

DuPont™ filtration captures allergens, VOCs and microscopic particles. UV-C light kills germs and bacteria trapped in the filter.

Dual Airflow Icon

Dual Airstreams

PureDirect™ technology distributes purified air comfortably and effectively.

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Learn more about TruSens

Small Air Purifier

Small Room Air Purifier, Z-1000

Small Room
Coverage 23 sq m

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Medium Air Purifier with SensorPod

Medium Room Air Purifier, Z-2000

Medium Room (with Remote SensorPod)
Coverage 35 sq m

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Large Air Purifier with SensorPod

Large Room Air Purifier, Z-3000

Large Room (with Remote SensorPod)
Coverage 70 sq m

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