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Which TruSens Air Purifier is best for you?

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Air Purifiers

Models: Z-3000 / Z-2000 / Z-1000

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Performance Series Air Purifiers

Models: Z-6000 / Z-7000

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Air Purifiers Recommended up to 70m2

Air purifier model




  TruSens Large Z-3000 Air Purifier. TruSens Medium Z-2000 Air Purifier. TruSens Small Z-1000 Air Purifier.
SensorPod Air Quality Monitor

Air Quality Indicator  
PureDirect Technology
Levels of Purification 4 4 3
Washable Pre-Filter  
Carbon Pre-Filter    
Carbon Filter  
Filter true HEPA HEPA type HEPA type
UltraViolet Light
Room Coverage 70m2 35m2 23m2
Auto Mode  
Carry Handle
Touch Controls
Dimensions (WxH) 26x74 cm 23x56 cm 21x46 cm
Weight 5.7 kg 4.1 kg 3.5 kg

Air Purifiers Recommended up to 186m2.

Air purifier model



  TruSens Z-6000 Air Purifier. TruSens Z-7000 Air Purifier.
Room Coverage 163m2 186m2
Enhanced SensorPod Air Quality Monitor
(senses PM1.0, PM 2.5, PM10, VOCs)
Air Quality Indicator
Activated Carbon Filter
Filter true HEPA true HEPA
Ultraviolet Light TRU-BEAM™ UV-C Light TRU-BEAM™ UV-C Light
CADR (m3/h) 880 m3/h 930 m3/h
Capacitive Touch Controls
Filter Life 1-year 1-year
Energy Star Certified
Installation Required? No No
Castors / Portable   (x4)   (x4)
Kesington® Lockable
Dimensions 374 x 468 x 693 mm 374 x 468 x 806 mm
Weight 19.1 kg 20.5 kg
2 Year Limited Warranty