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Humidifiers Reimagined

Large Tank Means Less Refilling


The N-300 high-capacity 8 litres (2.1 gallons) tank delivers up to 80 hours of continuous mist. The N-200 holds 5 litres (1.3 gallons) with up to 50 hours of continuous operation depending on the setting. Set up and refilling is easy. The TruSens Humidifier features a detachable lid for easy top filling and cleaning and turns off automatically when the tank is empty. Ideal for rooms up to 45 sq. m (485 sq. ft.).

Filling up humidifier with pitcher of water
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Filters That Minimize White Dust


The high-performance water softening filter minimizes mineral build up and white dust to deliver a cleaner mist. This helps to prolong the life of the humidifier, with the filter lasting an average of 4 months to provide a full season of humidified air. An added UV-C light, (N-300 only), helps kill bacteria in the mist.

Remote Humidity Monitor and Control


The separate SensorPod is both a humidity monitor and control. The remote-control feature allows users to control the humidifier’s power (on/off), misting speed, and dimmer (on/off). Placed up to 10 meters (33 feet) away from the humidifier, SensorPod detects moisture levels in the air and sends real-time readings for the humidifier to automatically adjust.

Person adjusting the TruSens humidifier remote SensorPod
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Here are TruSens, you air is our priority.

Take a active role in your wellness with ideal levels of humidity.  Our humidifiers take the guesswork, mess, and trouble out of creating a perfect humidity level in your space.

N-200 Humidifier

Medium Humidifier, N-200

Benefit from humidified air in your home throughout the changing seasons with a TruSens Humidifier. Set up and refilling is easy, and the high-capacity tank of 5 litres (1.3 gallons) doesn’t need to be refilled for up to 50 hours of use. Our enhanced water filter minimizes white dust, and the remote SensorPod can be used as a control to change settings and measures moisture in real-time ensuring the humidifier delivers the perfect amount of mist.

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N-300 Humidifier

Large Humidifier, N-300

Stay comfortable throughout the changing seasons by keeping the air inside your home at the right humidity level. You will always know your humidity level thanks to the SensorPod and can control humidifier from across the room. Set up and refilling is easy, and our full-season water filter minimizes white dust, while the UV-C light kills bacteria in the mist. The high-capacity tank of 8 litres (2.1 gallons) allows for up to 80 hours of uninterrupted use.

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