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About Us

Design mock-ups for TruSens air purifiers

Wellness is at the heart of what we do.

As a group of passionate product designers and engineers, we are on a mission to help improve the spaces we spend the most time in. From small city apartment,  suburban household, or to the large corporate office space, TruSens products provide a clear benefit to every space. 

Our Product Journey

  • Standard Air Purifiers
  • Specialty Filters
  • Smart Air Purifiers
  • Performance Series Air Purifiers
  • Humidifiers
Standard Air Purifiers Chevron Icon
TruSens Family of 3 Standard Air Purifiers

Standard Air Purifiers

It all started with the Standard Air Purifiers and accessories. Our focus was to create an air purifier that is beautifully designed, simple to use, and beneficial to your living space. So that’s what we did. We combined exceptional functionality with a sleek, contemporary design. 

TruSens Standard Air Purifiers feature PureDirect bi-directional airflow and a control panel to set preferences, like fan speed. The Medium Z-2000 and Large Z-3000 Standard Air Purifiers also feature an LED display to alert you of changes in your air quality, and a remote SensorPod air quality monitor to sense air pollutants and communicate across the room to the air purifier.

Specialty Filters Chevron Icon
TruSens 3 Types of Specialty Filters  

Specialty Filters

Creating products that fit the lifestyle of our customers is one of our top priorities. That's why we developed the TruSens Specialty Filters in Allergy & Flu, Odor, and Pet. These three types of filters cover the major concerns of indoor air pollutants indoors and give customers the ability to customize air purification in their space.  

Smart Air Purifiers Chevron Icon
Smart Air Purifier with the TruSens App on a phone being held close.

Smart Air Purifiers

Peace of mind comes with knowledge and control over your air quality, from anywhere and at any time. The Wi-Fi® enabled TruSens Smart Air Purifier models Z-2500 and Z-3500 features include connectivity to the TruSens Smart App, an enhanced SensorPod™, and Alexa compatible devices with voice commands. Each feature includes its own unique way of making air purification smarter yet simpler for users.  

Performance Series Air Purifiers Chevron Icon
TruSens Performance Series Unit

Performance Series Air Purifiers

TruSens Performance Series Air Purifiers deliver complete coverage with powerful clean air delivery rate (CADR) designed to improve indoor air quality in professional large spaces. Reduce indoor virus exposure with True HEPA/Activated Carbon filtration and TRU-BEAM UV-C. Ideal for offices, schools, healthcare facilities, hotels, and restaurants.  

Humidifiers Chevron Icon
TruSens Humidifier


Our Humidifiers take the guesswork, mess, and trouble out of creating a perfect humidity level in your space. The high-capacity water tank means less refilling. The N-200 has a 1.3-gallon tank that lasts up to 50 hours of use, and the N-300 has a 2.1-gallon tank that lasts up to 80 hours of use. Our enhanced water filter minimizes white dust, and the remote SensorPod can be used as a control to change settings and measures moisture in real-time ensuring the humidifier delivers the perfect amount of mist.  

Core Values

Mom and daughter reading a book together, laughing.

Support Wellness Journeys 

We create wellness products that support the wellness journeys of each of our customers. When designing our products, long-term solutions to wellness is top of mind. We are determined to become part of our customers’ everyday life and long-term wellness journey, whether that’s for the individual home or large office space. 

TruSens Air Purifier in a home next to a couch and set of stairs.

Make it Beautiful 

It’s important for innovative products to be at peak functionality, but we strive to do it in a sleek and appealing manner. Each of our products both serve the function they need to without taking away from the space around them.  

Wood table with house plants surrounding.

Keep it Simple 

The biggest challenge for innovators is to keep things simple. From product design to our patented technology, intentional, smart simplicity is what powers our vision. Overcomplicated products are a thing of the past. TruSens products provide a clear benefit of cleaner air to those that use them.