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Price  $9.99
SKU: ATP300-01


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Release calming scents into your home as you humidify the air. Simply add a few drops of essential oil to the aromatherapy pad located in a separate tray on your TruSens Humidifier.

  • Relax to soothing scents of essentials oils in your home while your air becomes humidified
  • Add a few drops of essential oil to the aromatherapy pad and place in the tray at the back of your TruSens Humidifier
  • The aromatherapy pads are compatible with the medium and large TruSens Humidifiers (models N-200 and N-300)
  • Use only 100% natural essentials oils. Do not add oil directly to the water in your humidifier.
  • Pack includes 10 aromatherapy pads

Product Specifications

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Use With:
N-200 and N-300 Humidifiers
Detailed Color:
50 x 3 mm
Period of Warranty:
Pack Quantity: