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Know your air quality

Experience the TruSens difference

TruSens purifiers with SensorPod have a unique air quality indicator that displays changes in air quality levels. TruSens reacts to the SensorPod readings and adapts accordingly to clean the air. With this level of clarity, you can be sure that TruSens is working to clean the air in your room.

Detailed LED Display

Good [0-50]

Air quality is satisfactory, and air pollution poses little or no risk.

Moderate [50-100]

Air quality is acceptable, but there may be a moderate health concern due to some pollutants.

Poor [100-500]

Air quality may impact your health over time.

Peace of Mind

The air quality in your home changes constantly. SensorPod and the adaptive technology in TruSens has you covered. The illuminated, color-coded display communicates good, moderate or poor air quality and a numeric value provides a greater level of detail.

TruSens air purifiers with an air quality indicator (AQI) display

SensorPod air quality readings are displayed on the illuminated disc. Know when your air is good, moderate or poor and have the peace of mind that your purifier responds accordingly.

Room coverage:

70 m2 35 m2

Best for:

Open floor plan living rooms, home gyms or basements

Medium size living spaces or bedrooms

Air Quality Display: Numerical display with color coded alert Numerical display with color coded alert


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