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Buy 1 Specialty Filter Get 1 Free with ‘FILTERBOGO’. SHOP NOW

Buy 1 Specialty Filter Get 1 Free with ‘FILTERBOGO’ + Free Shipping. SHOP NOW

SKU: WSF300-01
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Keep your TruSens Humidifier running at optimal levels. The enhanced water softening filter minimizes mineral build up and white dust for a cleaner mist.

  • Maintain your TruSens Humidifier by changing the filter at regular intervals
  • The enhanced filter softens hard water to minimize mineral build up to deliver a cleaner mist. This also helps to prolong the life of the humidifier.
  • One filter lasts approximately 4 months for a full season of humidified air
  • The filter can be used with TruSens medium or large humidifiers, models N-200 and N-300
  • Change indicator light is displayed on your humidifier when the filter needs to be replaced

Product Specifications

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  • Use With
    N-200 and N-300 Humidifiers
  • Type
    Water Softening Filter
  • Detailed Color
  • Dimensions
    6.4 x 6.4 x 14 cm
  • Warranty
  • Lifespan
    4 Months
  • Date Indicator
  • Pack Quantity
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BOGO Specialty Filter Sale!

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