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The right way to monitor air quality is with a separate sensor

easy setup

"Plug and play" right out of the box! SensorPod has been factory paired with the purifier.


TruSens Air Purifiers Inform You

informs you

TruSens displays air quality levels of your room, so you know that your purifier is working and your air is clean.

TruSens Air purifiers are energy efficient

energy efficient 

SensorPod ensures that the purifier is running at optimal levels. This can extend filter life and reduce unnecessary power consumption.


SensorPod, brilliant in every way

For best results, place SensorPod across the room from the purifier. This ensures the air quality in the room is also measured away from the purifier. Measurements are communicated back to the purifier, which then responds to the pollutants in your room.
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Rigorous Testing Pays Off

TruSens purifiers with separate SensorPod were tested against traditional purifiers with built-in sensors. SensorPod detected common pollutants in the air more accurately, improving coverage of cleaner air. An air purifier with a separate sensor detects pollutants throughout the room, not just by the purifier.

TruSens air purifiers with SensorPod air quality monitor

Placed across the room, SensorPod measures pollutants away from the purifier, then communicates with the purifier to ensure the full room benefits from purified air.

Room coverage:

70 m2 35 m2

Best for:

Open floor plan living rooms, home gyms or basements

Medium size living spaces or bedrooms

Air Quality Monitor: SensorPod SensorPod


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