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Elevate your air purifier experience.

Get detailed air quality data from anywhere with the TruSens Smart App.

Know Your Air  


The TruSens Smart App displays your indoor and outdoor air quality index in real-time. Wherever you are, you never have to wonder. The app displays detailed indoor air quality that shows what’s in your air ranging from ultrafine particles or PM 1.0, particles such as bacteria or PM 2.5, to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as paint fumes. Trust the Wi-Fi® enabled TruSens Smart Air Purifier for cleaner air that also works with Alexa device voice commands.

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TruSens Smart App Details

Three phones, with three different TruSens App screens.
TruSens enhanced SensorPod with air pollutant particle icons surrounding it in the air.

Smarter Sensing


The enhanced SensorPod measures ultrafine particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It senses particulate matter as small as PM1.0 that can be inhaled and get into your lungs. It also detects smoke, bacteria and viruses as well as certain VOCs such as formaldehyde and paint fumes. SensorPod communicates real-time air quality readings to the purifier and the TruSens Smart App, so the whole room benefits from cleaner air.

Control from Anywhere


Set up a schedule, get filter change reminders, and reorder supplies seamlessly. The TruSens Smart App also notifies you when your indoor air quality is poor, so you are always in control.

Close up of a TruSens Air Purifier with a hand showing the main screen for the TruSens App.

Your Personal Clean Air Assistant

Our scientifically advanced air purifier with DuPont™ filtration reduces pollutants in your personal space and improves home air quality. Sleek design, small footprint and varying sizes make it ideal for any living space. And now with the TruSens Wi-Fi® enabled Smart Air Purifier, you’re always in control using Alexa device voice commands and the TruSens Smart App remote functions. Track outdoor air quality changes, get filter change reminders, and reorder supplies. Improve the indoor air your family breathes. TruSens Smart App and Alexa device voice commands are available with the Z-2500 and Z-3500 Smart Air Purifiers.



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